Grab Bag of 3 face masks -- 100% cotton. 3 multicolored masks. Reversible, reusable, washable. Plastic heat sealed. Free Ship

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Grab Bag of 100% cotton face masks. Reversible, reusable, washable. Made in the USA. Free shipping in U.S. via U.S. Mail First Class with tracking.

3 facemasks. So, if you order 1, you will receive 3 face masks; if you order 2, you will receive 6 face masks.

Why a Grab Bag? Materials are becoming very scarce. Even though we place orders, shipments aren’t arriving, or if they do, there are sometimes unexpected shortages. If it’s a grab bag, then we can ship the inventory we have on hand right away and not have to place people on backorders. We are trying to use fabric designs that are unisex (no flowers, although guys do look super-cute in a flowery mask – just saying.)

We ship every Monday and Friday, so please get your orders in just as soon as possible.

One size fits most adults (even big men with big heads) and children since you can adjust the elastic ear loops the mask can be shortened (see picture for this suggestion).

These face masks protect against airborne dust, pollen, and air pollution, and also provide a physical barrier to prevent your hands from touching your mouth and nose. Face mask also helps stop droplets from being spread by the person wearing the mask.

No need to wash before use. We have cleaned the masks with alcohol and heat sealed them in a polybag to keep them clean.

Care of face mask: Wash in cold water in gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.

Please be advised that this product is not being sold as a medical grade product and no claims are being made as to the usage. This mask is not intended for medical use and is not a substitute for an N-95 mask.

Face Mask sales are final and cannot be returned due to personal nature of this item and for sanitary reasons. If you have a problem, though, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.