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These UV reflective paper neon garlands fluoresce under black light and are a fun and festive way to dress up a glow party. Your neon dance party, skate party, or 80s retro party will be so much cooler and colorful with these lightweight, easy-to-hang strands dangling from the ceiling.

This listing is for a set of 2-foot neon circle garlands made from fluorescent neon poster board. These garlands are UV reflective and glow brightly under black light. Without blacklight, they are bold and colorful, but with blacklight, they fluoresce like crazy and add a ton of color.


Fifty individual strands of garland that are each 2-feet long. This set is perfect for hanging from a regular-height ceiling of a large community hall or home basement.


Each strand contains three large 2" circles and twelve small 1" circles. I use a pattern of three 1" circles, followed by one 2" circle, followed by three 1' circles, etc.

The garlands are hand-punched and machine-sewn by me in my shop.

The garlands are made from UV black light reflective poster board. You will need a black light to make these garlands "glow." They do not glow on their own. They reflect under black light. The white circles glow blue, and the other colors glow the same color that they are by daylight.

Each strand has about one foot of extra thread at each end so that you can tape strands against a wall. The strands do look best, however, dangling from the ceiling as shown in pictures 1-3. Just snip off the extra thread if hanging that way.

Garlands come packaged neatly in resealable plastic bags. This keeps the garlands tangle-free. You can repack your garlands after your party so that you can save them for another glow party. They pack flat and store easily.

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