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Package Contains:
- "Fur Ever Young" Foil Letters – 16 inches, Non Floating, 3 colors options

Dog Birthday Party Decoration "FurEver Young" Balloons. It is common knowledge that most abandoned dogs are actually adult dogs. A reason for this is because some owners simply cannot take care of adult dogs as they might have developed complications that are not present in the dog’s younger age. As such, most owners would wish for their dog to remain young forever.

And what is more fitting to this occasion than the Fur-Ever Young balloon letters? We owners always wish for our dogs to live with us forever, and this set of the balloon will perhaps be the best wishes that we can ever give to our puppy, making it one of our best sellers for puppy birthday party decorations. Throw a great birthday party with "FurEver Young" balloons! it will be a good memory for the puppy.

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