3 full sheets 100 bill edible money image wafer paper for cake decorating or cupcake decorations. 8" x 10.5" edible paper for fake money.

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3 sheets of edible wafer paper hundred dollar bills for groom's cakes or money cakes. Due to variations on the edible ink printers, the bills might be slightly more or less green than a real $100 bill. I'll make sure they're as close as I can, but there may be color variations.

Each order includes three sheets with 7 bills each, so you'll receive 21 total.

The bills are a little smaller than real money and are printed on one side of the paper, the other side is blank to attach to the cake.

Wafer paper is made with potato starch and vegetable oil. The paper will dissolve if it gets wet, so make sure to handle it with dry hands.

This wafer paper can be used with paper punches or paper scissors to cut out flowers or other shapes that can be used on cakes and cupcakes for cake decorating, or to cover an entire tier.

The wafer paper will be shipped in a food-safe storage bag and should be stored at room temperature in a non-humid area and away from sunlight to prevent fading. It can be kept for up to a year but it's better to use it within 6 months or so. If moisture gets into it it can stick together, so proper storage is important!

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