Finger Paint Mother's Day Printable Cactus Succulents DIY Art Project Gift Frame Kid's Personalized Art Fun Printable Craft 8x10" Print

Kudzu Monster By Kudzu Monster

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Fun kid's art activity design for Mother's Day!

Let kids create a masterpiece for Mom with this printable as a starting point!
You can use finger paint or ink pads in lots of fun colors!

This print reads:
"Thanks for helping me grow!"

The file is set up on an 8.5x11" letter sized sheet with trim marks to cut down to a frame-able 8x10 inch personalized work of art. Click through the images to see what the file looks like before the fingerpaint.
For this one, the right pot is a separate piece that you cut out and put over the hand print cactus. You may want to add more cactus spikes with a black sharpie after the paint is dry!

You can download the JPEG files and print copies for an entire classroom. This is a great craft for young kids for mother's day.