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The Parties That Pop By The Parties That Pop

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These colorful fiesta fans add a festive flair to your fiesta party decorations. Whether you're hosting a Fiesta Birthday, Bridal Fiesta or letting loose with one big Final Fiesta these paper fans instantly add a pop of color & create wonderful focal point for pictures, food & beverage stations. Each high-quality paper fan in this set of 8 is uniquely designed, and can be easily stored for future fiesta parties.

★ Set includes 8 paper fans
★ Includes two of each of the following sizes: 8", 11", 14" & 17"
★ Metric Sizes: 20.32cm, 27.94cm, 35.56cm & 43.18cm
★ Single sided fans
★ Photo Credit: Jessica McKnight Photography Beecher, IL

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