10 Felt Chain Links - Non Paper Chain - Hoop & Loop Fastener - Toddler Quiet Play - Key Motor Skills - Home School - Learning Activity Party

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Felt Chain Links with Hoop and Loop Fastening.

Sold in Sets of 10

I loved making paper chains with my children when they were younger and although they would keep them happy for a while they we not reusable and would easily break.

My new felt strips can be purchased to make a chain as long as you like, just use the variations box to choose what you require.

I have made them with a hoop and loop fastening so that they can be unbroken and made again and again.

Each Link measures 7 inches long and 2.5 inches when looped. A set of 10 Links Looped will measure an approx length of 17 inches.

Although the pictures only show bold bright colours I do have many colour choices that you can choose from.

These can also make a great party activity and decoration too.

I am building up my Educational listings, so please have a look here for other ideas too


Mix for Boys: Pale Blue, Turquoise Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Purple and Red

Mix for Girls: Pale Pink, Cerise Pink, Lilac, Lime Green, Purple and Yellow

Bright Colours: Cerise Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise and Yellow

Pastel Colours: Baby Pink, Lilac, Baby Blue, Cream and Peach

Earth Colours: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Lime Green, Green, Dark Green, Maroon and Grey

Choose your own colours - Note to seller