Fabric Bunting Flags Orange, Pink, Aqua, Yellow, Lime, Lavender, Chevron, Dots Bright, Colorful for all occasions

BooBahBlue By BooBahBlue

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Very festive and bright in a fun mix of colors to brighten up any room or party. A combo of mostly Chevron and dots, these vibrant fabric pennants will be a stand out.

This strand consists of 8 double sided pennant flags, each scalloped along the edges to prevent fraying, and sewn onto a cotton candy colored cotton binding. Each pennant is 8x9", and the overall bunting length is about 5 1/2 feet long for the flag portion plus 10" extra on each end to hang it by.

Hang this bunting anywhere, as it looks exactly the same on the backside!

I have a Birthday Banner to go match:

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