Emoji Cookies - 1 Dozen

Baked By Baked

Product Info

Completely hand piped emoji cookies (not printed)
You'll receive 1 dozen cookies exactly as pictured.....3 poop emojis and 9 individual ones.
If you'd like me to substitute any of the 9 pictured from the 3 poop emojis, please shoot me a message and I'll be sure to meet your request.

So why should you buy my emoji cookies compared to the other 100 others here on Etsy? I'm a perfectionist, see my extreme close ups of my unmodified photos. I've also sold and shipped over 1,000 orders here on Etsy. Even Etsy has ordered from me! Yes, I'm bragging...but read my reviews and you'll see why

Each cookie comes individually shrink wrapped to retain freshness and to protect in shipping.