The Elfin' Christmas Party - A DIY Escape Room Kit, Christmas Game, Friendsgiving/Family, Team Building, Office Party Game, Up to 20 players

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The Elfin' Christmas Party

A Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Kit with a Christmas theme

Escape rooms are so much fun but can be expensive. Why not set one up at your house or office on Christmas for a fraction of the cost?

This DIY Escape Room kit offers the real experience of an escape room by challenging players to walk around the room to find clues, gather information and open locked boxes. Players work with simple household items, not just a paper puzzle, while they try to find the missing items and work through the challenges before time runs out.

Storyline: The Elves are excited about their upcoming office party, but Santa has some last minute tasks he needs taken care of before the celebration can begin. Unfortunately, Santa's memo is a little vague. The Elves will need to find lost items, build a prototype and correct a purchasing error in less than an hour all while sorting through clues - and the garbage.

There is even a role for the person who sets the game up. You will get a spot in the middle of the room at the Quality Control desk where you hand out earned clues as your teammates race to beat the clock. The game includes an editable Naughty List for you to customize to include names from your group.

📷 Game includes fun photo booth signs to use after Christmas is saved (or not!)

How many can play? The game has been designed for 15-20 people. The game is more challenging than my other escape games but there are options listed in the directions to make it easier or more difficult.

What age group is this game designed for? While the game is family friendly, the game is too challenging for children under 15 to play alone. The game is better suited as a fun, team building challenge for teens and adults.

Most items on supply list are found in the average home, borrowed from friends or can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

Beta testers of the game reported it took them 1 hour to read through everything and AND 2-3 hours to set up after gathering supplies. Link to file is automatically emailed to you through Etsy. If it doesn't appear, check your spam folder or download it directly from your orders on your Etsy account page.

What's Included:

Instant download of 48 pages in a PDF file, an editable Word document and 1 .ppx (PowerPoint) file. Includes supply list, set up instructions, game play instructions, game printouts and script for host/hostess.

Please note that this is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD file. No game sheets will be mailed. Instead you will receive a PDF that you can print on your home printer using regular printer paper or cardstock. Print in color or black and white. There is no limit on how many game sheets you can print for your personal use. However, you may not redistribute the file or sell printed items for profit.