Editable 2nd Birthday PHOTO Invitation, Pink and Gold Glitter Two, Print or Text Digital Invitation, Editable Invitation Template, 1200

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Product Info

5 x 7" invitation • Print or Text • Immediate Access • Editable Template (read below to see what is editable) • pdf or jpeg

•The basics...
Fancy Shmancy Notes has partnered with an online text editing platform, Corjl, to enable customers the convenience and ease of editing their templates directly from their computer or mobile device. It's a simple process and we think you will be thrilled with this new format. Personalize using your computer or your phone/mobile device...nothing to install, nothing to download!
Phone/mobile device editing can be used to change the wording on the invitation. For more advanced editing, like changing colors, font style, adding text boxes, etc., you need to use a non-mobile device using Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer and MS Edge users will have limited functionality.

•How to order...

Ordering is easy. Add the item to your cart. Proceed to checkout and follow instructions to pay for your order on Etsy.

You will receive an order confirmation from Etsy, with a link to download the Corjl Editing Instruction pdf. It is very detailed!
Visual learner? Try this short video tutorial on Youtube:

You will also receive an email from Corjl with a link to access and edit your item. Or, visit and use your order info to login and access your purchased template(s).

NOTE: You will not recieve an invitation in the mail or an editable pdf file.

•Creating your invitation...

What is editable? Body text-Font size, color, style. Add text boxes, move original text boxes. Add photo.

What is not editable? Background color, script "two", artwork, size and orientation of invitation

•Printing/Sharing your invitation...
You will be able to select from a variety of print formats, including single pdf, single jpeg, multiple per page pdf, bleeds and trim marks

At Home Printing
Print on your home printer using a pdf with one per page, or two per page that you will cut after printing. Bleed and trim marks are optional, but can be helpful.
Use 80 # or 100# white paper for most items. Be sure to select 100% or 'Actual Size' in the printer settings.

Print at a Photo Center
Save your jpeg single image to a flash drive and download it at a photo center for printing. Some photo centers have choices of paper. A bleed may or may not be required.

Print at a Print Shop/Copy Center
This is a great way to print invitations as you will have the most choices for paper type and usually envelopes too. It is best to check with your printer for their requirements. Many printers require a pdf with multiple images on a page, with bleed and trim marks.

Uploading to Social Media/Texting Your Invitation
Save your jpeg invitation to your computer and send it via text or upload to social media the same way you would do for a regular photo.

•The Nitty Gritty...
Access to your file will expire in 90 days. Within that time, you are limited to 10 downloads.

You cannot do advanced editing from a mobile device. You will only be able to change the text from your phone or tablet.

Colors may vary depending on your monitor settings, the method used to print your template and/or the paper used. We are not responsible for these variations.

If glitter or foil is shown on this design, it is a design element and not actual foil or glitter.

This file is for one-time use. You may not use this template to create multiple items/projects.

Not all items are editable. Please read the description carefully.

Templates cannot be returned.

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