Edible Glitter in CLASSIC RED - Cake Decoration, Desserts, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Drinks, Food Grade High Shine Shimmer, Dust

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What Is Glitter Dust?

Glitter Dust is a beautiful edible glitter that will turn any ordinary treat extraordinary!
All of our edible glitters use only FDA-approved ingredients and are 100% edible food-grade glitter!
These are the glitters to make your drinks sparkly and fun!

This listing is for the following:
(1) 4g (.14oz) jar Classic Red Edible Glitter

Glitter Dust Overview

~ 100% edible & food grade; 100% FDA complaint
~ To use; simply sprinkle or dust directly onto food & desserts
~ For beverages sprinkle or spoon in about 1/8 tsp into your glass, add liquid and stir.
~ Not used to make edible paint; instead, use our Luster Dust for this.
~ Extremely shiny & hyper-pearlescent
~ Larger particle to reflect light and give brilliance
~ Amazing glitter & sparkle effect

Kosher & Halal Certified
Made in the USA

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