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Easy DIY paper flower templates and tutorials to make a stunning bouquet of flowers. In this series you will learn how to assemble each flower with a video tutorial and then I will show you in three different videos how to assemble the bouquet. Very easy to follow along and you will be making paper flowers in no time!

In the second series, we will start with some basic techniques and lead into using some advanced techniques to create some fabulous flowers and leaves. The templates that come with this series
are very easy to construct and make fabulous flowers that I use
all the time in my bouquets for clients.

This series will include Four (4) flower templates and Two (2) leaf templates.
All templates will come in a SVG and PDF format. This way you can
upload them directly to your cutting machine.
The supplies that we will be using to make our flowers and bouquet are materials that you can get at any craft store.

There will be a video for each flower. In each flower video, I walk you through the process you how to
assemble the flowers, stem them and then add leaves to the stems. I will be showing you how to use crepe paper leaves to add bulk to your bouquet and stems. There will aslo be a video that shows you how to add jewelry pieces to your bouquet for a very elegant touch.
The final video will show you how to assemble them into a
fabulous bouquet! The bouquet assembling will be broken into three parts.

Please contact me if you have any other questions!
**You will download from etsy a PDF that gives you a password to the classroom. Also, files are located in zip folder. **

All videos will be there ready to view right away. These are viewable on my website only. You will be able to click
on each video to enlarge for better viewing. All videos will be uploaded
onto a platform so you will be able to view them at any time and follow
along at your pace.

Flower Styles:
-Elizabeth Rose
-Spikey Tip Dahlia
-Hydrangea Petal
-Dusty Miller Leaf
-Lambs Ear Leaf
-Crepe Buds

**All templates are c0pyrighted under More Paper Than Shoes and are for personal use ONLY**