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This Easter activity is perfect for any kid who loves arts and crafts. Paper Mâché activities for kids to the rescue! This activity allows them to learn to follow through with a project and be proud of their hard work and end result. If you have a kid who likes to be messy, or one who likes to paint, or one who is creative and imagination runs wild, or one who is just bored, this is the perfect kit for them. They can choose from a line of different animals in addition to our Easter collection of bunny and egg.

Each package includes everything you need to create a paper mâché animal. Please note that Paper Mâché is a two day project. One day is for the paper mâché process and allowing it to dry and the second day is for painting. Detailed instructions are included in the package to tell you what to do step by step. Personal certificates are also included with every package so you can name and make your pet your own after.

Collect all the animals and do what you like with them whether it be decor, a piggy bank, an ornament... the possibilities are endless.

All the animals available:
Panda, Cat, Bear, Seal, Cow, Pig, Bunny

Halloween and Christmas collections available too!

If you order a set of 2 or 3, you can mix and match and select more than one type of animal and get a discount.

These make great activities for your kids but also great gifts. Please note that the finished product shown will NOT be included in the kit. This is a DIY kit that you make on your own and the way your animal looks at the end may and will vary from what you see in this listing.

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DIY Activity Kits are usually shipped in 1-3 business days. Shipping time will vary with your location.

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Please go ahead and convo me if you have any questions or concerns or have any requests for another animal or design you would like to see!

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DIY Activity Kits involve adult supervision and work to arrive at the finished product. Finished products will vary and we are not responsible for products that do not turn out as you prefer.