30 Illustration Procreate Brushes Set | Digital Drawing and Texture Brush Set and How to Guide | Ipad Digital Drawing Tool Set | M011


Product Info

❤ 30 PROCREATE Illustration Brushes

With this wonderful drawing brush set, you can find 30 wonderful brushes and 1 PDF How to use Guide!
With this set, there are no limits to your creativity. I included inking, drawing, and texture brushes to take your illustration to the next level. I use these brushes for my illustration work and now you can use them too. These are my most used brushes in procreate. These brushes are used every day for the digital paintings that I do.

I have been illustrating for 12 years and color and textures have always been my great passion. Only until I discovered procreate I was definitely free from the computer and been able to enjoy the flexibility of drawing from anywhere. I created these brushes for my own work and from now on you can also use these tools in your PROCREATE creations.

You can see them in action here:

If you have questions just let me know