Deluxe Memory Concentration Game set includes 10 matches 20 cards #3840D

Its The Small Things By Its The Small Things

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Memory Concentration game has 10 sets 20 cards with bright colors. Children will love the challenge and spend hours playing with this memory game.

The cards are made with 2 layers of felt with a layer of stabilizer between the felt layers. All of the pieces are machine sewn and very sturdy.

We have a smaller set with just 6 pairs or 12 cards just click on the link below

Measurements are 3 x 3 inches

This game is good for your child's memory and cognitive ability and they will love playing it. Great for on the go fun.

The memory game is played by placing all of the pieces with the colored fabric face down. Children and adults take turns flipping the pieces over. If the pieces match keep the pair if they do not match the pieces are turned back over, the person with the most matches wins.