Daily Goals, To-Dos, and Errands List • Printable 3.5x7 inches • NHB

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This is a compact version of our popular Neat To-Do List™.

A small list of important things is better than a long one full of random to-dos. I designed this little but mighty checklist to keep me focused on the most important daily to-dos, and must-dos.

Here's what you can do with this printable checklist:

• Write the date
• Set your top 3 daily goals
• Write up to 6 to-do tasks
• Write up to 3 calls, texts or emails (urgent) for that day
• Write up to 3 errands or appointments for that day.
• Each section and line has a checkbox to mark the task as done.

Print one or 365 of them. It's up to you. Keep it with you throughout the day, track your progress, and stay focus on the important tasks.