Self-Love Check In Digital Journal Template | Daily Gratitude + Self Awareness | GoodNotes Journal or Notability | K003


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With this not-dated daily digital Check-In journal template you can have your daily self-awareness journal. This is ideal to track your daily mood, thoughts, and feelings. It will help you focus on the positives and what you are grateful for. You can use it in the afternoon to evaluate your day.

Use it on your tablet or print it out to write on. This comes with 4 color options. Since these are digital downloads, you can reuse them any time you like and use them at any time you need to check your feelings, thoughts, and mood. You can use GoodNotes, Notability, or any note-taking app that allow you to import and edit Pdf Files.


- 1 Daily Check-in PDF File (4 colors options)

Self-love begins with verifying how we feel day after day. Sometimes we only focus our day on finishing pending tasks in the planner and forget how important it is to ask ourselves how we are doing. The daily check-in is a very beneficial practice to see our life in small fragments and understand the path we are traveling. With this daily check-in, you can understand what made you happy today, what was challenging, and what you want from now on. Keep track of your daily mood, and turn the days into 5-star days. You can use your iPad, your digital planner, or your computer to keep your diary. Surely every day you ask those you love the most how they feel.. and you? Do you ask yourself how are you doing every day?