CUSTOM FOR JENNY: Ocean Fabric Bunting

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Product Info

Ocean-inspired bunting.


* Fabric ties, cut with pinked edges
* Two shades of teal fabric
* Two shades of coral fabric
* White grosgrain ribbon

PLEASE NOTE: I will send photos of the fabrics for customer approval.


* Classroom window
* Typically, customers tie the ribbon on either end of the bunting to the tension rod. Bunting will naturally drape. If you don't want it to drape, you can secure the bunting to the tension rod with zip ties.


* 6 feet + 4 inches of fabric ties

PLEASE NOTE: Exact length will be dependent on where the pattern falls and may be slightly shorter or longer than 6 feet + 4 inches. I will get as close as possible to your desired length. You can adjust as needed by sliding the fabric ties along the ribbon.

* 2 feet of grosgrain ribbon on either end for hanging
* Each tie is approximately 10" long


* I usually ship my buntings 3 days after purchase.
* Mailing time takes an additional 2-3 days depending on how far you live from Atlanta.

PLEASE NOTE: Timing depends on customer approval of photos.


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