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Add an extra pop of fun to your next party or event with this retro textured, circus stripe banner! Order it as is, or let us customize the colors to your liking.

All our banners are made with lots of love and attention to detail, and they are meant to last for years when handled with care.

Please read ALL information below for product details, measurements, ordering instructions, and customization options.

BANNER NAME: Circus Burst Red/Teal

GREAT FOR: men's birthday, children's birthday, 4th of July, picnic, congratulations

FEATURES: circus tent-style stripes bursting outward with a fun frame in the center

COLOR SCHEME: retro red, medium teal blue, dark teal blue, a bit of lime green, and beige

FONT IN SAMPLE: Caramel Apple Caps Western



• Each finished card is comprised of:

• A 5x8” card printed on heavy, top-quality 110lb cover stock (which is notably thicker than card stock) in solar white.

• The same 110lb cover stock (in solar white) affixed as a backing, which creates an approximate 1/4” border around the printed card, doubling the thickness and making each finished card 5.5x8.5.

• Each banner is strung with 3/8” grosgrain ribbon, which allows for easy adjustment of each card once hung, yet keeps the cards in place once moved.

• To hang multiple banners one below the other with an arch (as pictured), we will provide ample ribbon on either end of each banner, 24 inches to one yard, depending on the level each banner will be hung. If you believe you will need more ribbon than this, please let us know!

• You may either choose the banner with the font shown in the sample, or you may choose from any of our typography options pictured in the photo gallery. Where all caps AND all lower case options are available for a particular font, please be sure to indicate which you prefer.

— — — — — — — — — —


Choose the following from the DROP-DOWN MENUS for your banner:

• total number of cards for your banner (each finished card is $3.00)

EXAMPLE #1: "HAPPY 40TH!" = 5 cards + 5 cards = 10 cards total
EXAMPLE #2: "HAPPY 4TH OF JULY" = 5 cards + 3 cards + 2 cards + 4 cards = 14 cards total

• ribbon color preference (best matches and complements for this banner’s color combo will be listed)

Note that your banner(s) will come strung with its/their coordinating ribbon, as pictured. For example, if you order "HAPPY 40TH," you will receive "HAPPY" strung as one banner, "BIRTHDAY" strung as the second banner, and "SAMANTHA" strung as the third banner unless requested otherwise. If you want more than one word on the same ribbon, please indicate that in the notes, such as "I would like all three words on one ribbon."

Indicate the following in the PERSONALIZATION BOX for your banner:

• precisely what you want your banner to say (such as "Happy Birthday Sage", "Welcome Lily Jane", “Rocco Is 1!”, "Elizabeth", etc. The possibilities are endless!)

• your font choice (view the photos in the gallery for all options; the font used in the sample is indicated above in its description). Be sure to say "all caps" or "lower case" if the font has both options.

• number of icon cards, if available and desired (for one or both ends, or as a separator between two names, such as "Taylor [heart icon card] Justin") and where you wish them to be placed, such as "Elk icon to left of name and Bear icon to right of name." We will match your choice to your chosen banner color scheme and send you a proof via email for your approval.

• any other notes for clarity (such as how you want the words of your banner strung, if it differs from the one pictured)

— — — — — — — — — —


Nearly all of our banners can be customized. For example:

• You love one of our banner styles but would like us to make it in a specific color scheme to match your child's room or party theme (note: not all styles accommodate color changes—but feel free to ask!)

• You love a particular pattern or image on a pictured style, but you would like it made in the layout of another style (this will depend on if the style translates to an alternative layout)

• You’d like to combine two or more design styles for your banner (such as two or more alternating patterns, or one pattern for "Happy" and another pattern for "Birthday, etc.)

We love accommodating custom orders if we can! Please message us through Etsy with your wishes. If we can do it, we’ll be glad to! (Extensive customization may incur an additional fee; if so, we’ll let you know ahead of time, of course!)

— — — — — — — — — —



All of our banners are made to order, and we do our best to get yours made and shipped within 3 days. However, if you have a rush situation, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you if we're able. Rush orders may incur an additional fee.


We do our best to describe the colors as pictured in each banner and to photograph them in true light; however, please be aware that varying computer screens and devices will read colors differently, and the printing process is not always exact to screen. If you wish to match a precise color for your event or room, you are welcome to send the Pantone color, CMYK numbers, or HEX number, but again, colors will vary slightly during the printing process. Please message us with any color questions before you order.


Our banners can be hung on a wall using decorative tacks to hold the ribbon on either side, or affixed to a piece of furniture (using safe tape for the surface to avoid peeling), or tied around banisters, columns, trees, etc.

NOTE: Our banners are made of heavy, high-quality cover stock and ink, and are therefore NOT waterproof. While they can be hung outside, they are not meant to withstand harsh weather or be left outside overnight.


Your banner(s) will come in an organza bag for storing. We recommend scooting the cards close enough together to enable folding (but not creasing) one on top of the other, then carefully wrapping the ribbon around them—flat to avoid wrinkling—and sliding into the bag. We like to keep ours in a small rectangular tub with a lid to ensure safekeeping. :)


Our banners are all handmade to order and are therefore not refundable. However, though we are extremely attentive to detail and to any custom requests, if we have made a mistake, we will certainly stand behind anything that is our fault.

Please inform us immediately if your banner did not arrive as ordered, and we will make it right!

Note that slight color variations are not cause for refunds or substitutions, as outlined above in COLOR VARIATIONS. Thank you.


All rights belong to us at BooBoo and Fred. We create all designs from scratch and appreciate that other sellers respect that and do not copy our items/designs. Thank you for being an honorable fellow seller. :)

We look forward to helping you celebrate your child or event, or creating a banner for your special space!