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****What you are getting with this Item:****

Everything you might need to host an amazing CONSTRUCTION BIRTHDAY PARTY for your child. Party Package includes

*Banner - “Happy Birthday” , truck pieces, logo pieces
*2” Circles - 5 Designs - Trucks
*2” Signs - 4 Designs - H.B., Dig In, Tools
*2.5” Circles - 4 Designs - Trucks
*2.5” Circles - Happy Birthday
*1.5” Circles - 7 Designs - hammer, wrench, screwdriver, helmet, cone, caution sign, tool logo
*TOOLS tags
*Backgrounds for Circles - 11 Designs
*Templates for Backgrounds
*Small Road Signs - 5 Designs - yield, stop, detour, one way
*Cupcake Wraps - 2 Designs - Caution Stripe, Polka Dots
*Truck Cutouts (Large & Small) - 5 Trucks - Dump Truck, Bulldozer, Digger, Cement Truck, Crane
*Helmet Cutouts - Large & Small
*Cone Cutouts - Large & Small
*Tool Cutouts - Large & Small - Hammer, wrench, screwdriver
*Road Signs - Yield, one way, stop, speed limit, detour
*Centerpiece Circles - Happy Birthday, Helmet, dump truck
*Road Piece
*Door Signs - 2 Designs - Caution party ahead, CAUTION Construction Crew Enter Here
*Party Signs - 7 Designs - Build a Burger, Build a Sundae, Caution Party Zone Ahead, Caution Hard Hat Area, Port-a-potty, Refuel Here, Caution Dump Gifts Here
*Activity Signs - 7 Designs - Plan it, Build it, Wreck it, Hammer Away, Cone Toss, Wet Paint, Dig Site
*Favor Table Signs - Thank you for all your hard work, Please take one (END PARTY ZONE)
*5x7 Signs - 4 Designs - Happy Birthday, STOP please sign birthday helmet, Grab your helmets, Grab your tools
*Paint Wraps for Condiments
*Juice Box Wraps
*Water Wraps - 2 sheets - Trucks, Tool logo, Dig logo
*Napkin/Bubble Wraps - 2 Sheets - Tool logo, Trucks
*Full Size Candy Wraps
*Mini Size Candy Wraps
*Hershey Kiss Circles
*Toothpick Flags
*Straw Flags
*Treat Bag Toppers - Thank you for joining my crew! I hope you dug my party!
*Favor Tags - Thank you it was loads of fun!
*Treat Boxes
*Party Hat
*Food Labels BLANK
*Food Labels - Pebbles, Shovels, Tape Measures, Bulldozer Bites, Dirt Brownies, Wrecking Balls, Construction Cupcakes, Nuts & Bolts, Pre-Built Sandwiches, Gravel, Rope, Dirt, Screws, Boulders, Nails, Spare Parts, Motor Oil, Tires, Crew Punch, 2x4’s, Crew Crunchies, Cement Mix, Dip Ahead, Spackle
*Food Label Signs (for Burger Bar)- Pickles, Mayo, Bacon, Avocado, BBQ Sauce Lettuce, Relish, Mustard, Ketchup, Chili, Buns, Jalapeno, Onion, Tomato, Cheese
*Food Label Signs (for Sundae Bar) - Construction Cones, Dirt, Gravel, Rocks, Bricks, Caramel Glue, Chocolate Glue, Chocolate Mortar, Vanilla Mortar, Whipped Cream, Strawberry Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, Fruit, Gummies, Oreo, Cherries, Chocolate Chips, Nuts, Marshmallow, Reece’s, M&M’s, Sprinkles, Caramel, Syrup, Fudge
*Food Label Signs BLANK
*Coordinating Papers

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All our items are set to print with a marginless, borderless, full-bleed print. Please make sure your printer is set to these settings before printing. We can help you with this if needed, just message us!