Cinderella Have Courage Be Kind // Tea set for Little girls // Child's sized tea Set, handpainted // princess tea party

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Have courage and be kind!! Inspired by Cinderella, this tea set is adorable for an afternoon Princess tea party with dolls & friends or at a real tea party birthday! It's the perfect gift for a special little girl!

Carefully handpainted in blue scalloped edges inspired by Cinderella's gown, blue and silver polka dots and a bunting around the bottom half of the teapot. The teapot has her glass slipper on one side and "Have courage and be kind" on the opposite side. Each tea cup and saucer has a special Cinderella inspired detail -- the fairy godmother's wand, a pumpkin, a tiara and a butterfly.

Set includes 4 teacups with matching saucers, teapot with lid, creamer and sugar bowl with lid. (additional tea cups available at a discounted rate -- perfect for tea parties!)

The colors and design can be changed to suit your preference, and a name added for personalization -- message me and I'll set up a custom listing for you.

Actually holds liquids for sipping tea or punch!

Handpainted using food-safe, dishwasher safe paints and glazes and fired in my kiln.

Perfect for little hands! {child sized tea cups are child-sized but not mini. Teacups are 1.75" tall and nicely hold 1.75 ounces of liquid. Saucers are 3.25" in diameter. The child's sized tea pots are 6.25" from handle to spout and hold 12 ounces of liquid. Creamer is 2" tall and sugar bowl is 3" tall

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