Christmas Snack Trays / Hand Stamped Party Supply 24 Ready To Serve Trays -Popcorn, Cookies, Smores, Candy Bar, Santa Favors, Craft Supply

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24 Old School Food Trays !!!!

listing includes....

24 Each in YOUR Choice **(made at time of purchase)

*KRAFT Natural Trays
*RED & WHITE Retro Trays

HAND STAMPED for Family "BRANDING"! !!! (Your Choice Option available at time of Sale)

Welcome Guest with a "Party Greeting" on your Serving Trays , Kraft Trays

Use as PAINT Trays at your next ART PARTY! Fill with BEADS , GEMS, PomPoms for a RETRO CRAFT Party!!

What a Perfect way to deliver your "infamous" HomeMade HUSHPUPPIES and BURGERS at your next big TaIlGaTiNg Venue !!!

Top: 6 1/4"L x 4 1/2"W
Bottom: 4"L x 2 1/2"W
Depth: 1 1/2"

Please*** READ***

Every Paper Tray is "Hand Stamped Per-Order" and ''Stamp Markings"/
.... *May Not be ''Centered Perfectly''/ Can vary in Dark to light Ink.

..These are Ready Made Trays NOT a Flat Stamping Surface and Stamping Them is a Trendy and Personal Style to Add FUN To Any Gathering....It is a Craft ..

. *****these are NOT Mass Produced my Machine Printer********

LOVE These!!!

Great at a buffet filled with Shelled Peanuts,. PopCorn and Chips....such a 'Old School, Vintage'
idea that will be sure to get conversations started of days past...!

Thank You for visiting
LOLA Loves A Party____ Making 'simple'..."Simply Fabulous" !!!

EveryDay is a GIFT....Enjoy & have a Beautiful Celebration, Happy me:) LOLA.