Chinese Dragon Valentines Printable DIY Instant Download Pencil or Lollipop Candy holders fang teeth unique Valentine's day cards for school

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This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of printable Chinese Dragon valentines.

I've included 2 JPEG versions of this file.
Small: sized 3.5" x 6.8" ideal for small suckers or straight glow bracelets. These print 3 per letter sized page.
Large: sized 5x9" ideal for pencils or large lollipops. These print 2 per letter sized page.

Once you download the file, you can print as many as you want! Print valentines for the whole classroom.

The card reads:
"Valnetine, You're CLAW-some"
"Your friend," With space to write in a name.

Dotted line guides are included on the print out to show where an adult should slice the card to insert a sucker, pencil, glow bracelet, or pixie stick. An exacto knife or box cutter is best for making the slices.

I'd love to see photos of your finished DIY project, so be sure to tag me [at]KudzuMonster on instagram or leave a photo with your review.

For an additional fee, I will personalize your valentines with a name. Simply add this listing:
to your your order and I will send you a new personalized PDF by email.
NOTE: YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE THE GENERIC FILE FROM ETSY. The personalized file will come from my personal email later. Check the above personalization listing for current customization turn-around times.

All Kudzu Monster printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.