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These balloons are fabulous! Call them paint splatter, ombre, or graffiti, they will be sure to be a huge hit.
Accompanying are solid Robin'e Egg blue, Pearl Mandarin Orange, and Wintergreen.

This package features:
Paint splatter latex 11"
Robin's Egg blue latex 11"
Pearl Mandarin orange latex 11"
Wintergreen latex 16"


Balloon Information:

* Inflate with pure helium if you want them to float. They can also be inflated with air but will not float.

* Balloons ship flat/deflated.

* Home helium tanks are not recommended due to the low ratio of helium to air.

**All balloons made in the USA, far superior quality to balloons made outside of the USA.

* Do not leave balloons with children who are unsupervised due to choking and suffocation hazard.

***The "graffiti" latex balloons are simply gorgeous! Clear latex with splatters of different colors all around, one of my new favorites!



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Package A:
15 Paint splatter latex 11"
12 Robin's Egg blue latex 11"
12 Pearl Mandarin orange 11"
8 Wintergreen latex 16"

Package B:
15 Paint splatter latex 11"
6 Robin's Egg blue latex 11"
6 Pearl Mandarin orange 11"
5 Wintergreen latex 16"

Package C:
12 Paint splatter latex 11"
3 Robin's Egg blue latex 11"
3 Pearl Mandarin orange 11"
2 Wintergreen latex 16"

Package D:
12 Paint splatter latex 11"

55' White curling ribbon
No balloons


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