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Burgundy is one of the latest on-trend colors, and these balloons will not disappoint you!
Burgundy is a dark, very rich shade of red, named after the Burgundy wines of France.

This is an unusual listing. Due to covid, the balloon manufacturers have been terribly late delivering their
products, creating a frustrating shortage.
I'm trying to keep on top of stock availability, and while it is far from ideal, I do have some options, though some are limited at this time. Hopefully more will be available soon.

Currently I am stocking what is available from both Qualatex and from Bettalatex, both professional grade lines made in the USA.

The sparkling burgundy, shown in photo 2 above, is transparent and has a shimmer.
The deluxe burgundy, shown in photo 3 above, is opaque and is matte.

Currently in stock as of February 2022:

Qualatex Sparkling: 36" round, 16" & 11" pear shaped

Bettalatex Deluxe: 36" round , 5" pear shaped

Bettalatex Crystal: 24" & 17" round


Balloon Information:

* Balloons ship flat/deflated.

* Inflate with helium or air.

* Inflate 5" size with air only, these do not float. All other sizes can be inflated with helium or air.

* Home helium tanks are not recommended due to the low ratio of helium to air.

* All balloons made in the USA, far superior quality to balloons made outside of the USA.

* Add extra glamor at weddings, anniversaries, and many other occasions!

* Do not leave balloons with children who are unsupervised due to choking and suffocation.

* Balloons are shipped deflated, and are not returnable.

**At Party Surprise we take pride in the quality of our products. We take the time to thoroughly inspect every jumbo balloon we ship. Each balloon is individually inspected for color, size, pinholes, and any other defects, as well as going through an air test in order to ensure that you will receive a perfect balloon.


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See my balloon color and size charts:§ion_id=19179873

5 STARS, Jeanette


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Do not leave with children who are unattended due to choking and suffocation hazard.