BUNDLE! Personalized Letter from Santa. Santa's Magic Key. Letter from Santa Claus. Christmas Eve Box. Official Santa Letter. Christmas Key.

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Make Christmas even more magical for your little one with an official letter from the man in red himself, Santa Claus AND his magic key! Never again will your child have to worry about how Santa will deliver their gifts if you do not have a chimney!

Each letter is personalized with your child's name and printed on heavy duty cardstock. Please include the exact way you would like your child's name spelled in the personalization box (we will copy and paste the text from the personalization box to the letter).

Your package will arrive addressed to you in a standard bubble mailer. Inside will be a separate envelope addressed to your little one from Santa. The envelope addressed to your child will also include the postmark from the North Pole! Simply remove from the package and slip into the mailbox for your child to discover!

Each bundle includes:

Magic Santa Key:

Official Santa Letter from the North Pole: