Bug cupcake toppers made from edible wafer paper. Insect theme party decorations for boy birthday party or creepy Halloween cake decorating

A Cake To Remember LLC By A Cake To Remember LLC

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***Warning! These are fragile, and will come with instructions for repairing broken legs/antennae. No refunds will be given for these breaks! See below for details***

12 bug cupcake toppers made from edible wafer paper and printed with food coloring.

These are a dozen different insects, and would be great for a kid's birthday or a Halloween party.

Ranging around 2" across, or a little larger.


Choose precut (more fragile and NO REFUNDS will be given for broken legs or antennae. Instructions for repairing these breaks will be included) or choose uncut, and you cut them out yourself. I'll send those to you cut around the shape but not in a detailed way. They'll be less fragile but not as detailed. You can cut them out further or leave them as-is.


Wafer paper is made from potato starch, vegetable oils and water, and is printed with FDA approved food coloring inks. The toppers are vegan and kosher.