Breathing Activity for Kids, Pirate Breaths, Printable Relaxation and Mindfulness activity for children, great for Home Schooling

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Pirate Breaths aka falling out breath is a great way to release physical tension in your body. We will practice taking in a big inhale and release our breath with a 'pirate' sigh. This sigh signals to the body that you are safe and you can relax. If we start to relax the nervous system and release tension in the body, we find a positive relaxing effect in the mind as well.

Pirate Breaths affirmation: I am the captain of my own ship

Included in this 10 page PDF Printable activity:

Pirate Breaths Prompt Card and Instructions
Pirate Breaths Introductory Guide and link to audio guidance
Pirate Breaths Poster
Pirate Breaths Rhyme Poster
My Pirate Treasure Chest Activity worksheet
Quote Poster
Four Pages of Ideas, activities and a Lesson Plan

Why Teach and Practice Mindful Breathing:

When you practice mindful breathing you are using your breath and senses to develop your attention and focus skills, which can have lots of benefits at home and in the classroom. It is also a great coping skill for learning to manage our emotions and helps to elicit the relaxation response and a feeling of calm.

Ways to Use:

✪ At home with your children
✪ In a Calm Corner or Zen Den
✪ As part of story time or craft with a related theme
✪ Include in a topic about Pirates or the ocean
✪ Counselling office or classroom decor

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