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*Label dimensions: 3 1/2" x 5"

**Proofs of your labels will be sent within 2 business days of the label purchase and receipt of ALL information needed to complete your labels.

***Your labels will ship within 48 business hours of "buyer approval" of the proofs. Please contact me if you require special shipping arrangements (Additional charges may apply).

****All wine labels are printed using a high quality digital print press.

Color Standards…
Our printed colors are close, but not exact. They vary slightly in part because of the different types of paper - label, tag, vinyl, paper. Also, the ink color varies slightly from one day to the next. Many factors affect the printed colors, including changes in humidity and air temperature, age of consumable press parts, temperature of the press, and whether the job is at the beginning of a run or at the end. We calibrate daily, check hourly and adjust continually to maintain the colors within a small, specified range. With this being said we cannot offer refunds based on exact color matching.

Quoted shipping is for USPS Ground within the US and International.
Please allow 7-14 days for Continental US delivery, and allow 3-5 weeks for international delivery.

****If you need sooner, please contact us to discuss options for faster shipping.