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Wedding photo Booth By Wedding photo Booth

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Items are hand cut
Items as seen in Picture
Material Glitter Foamy

Photo Booth Party Props
Weddings Photo Booth Party Props
Birthday party favors
Party favors
Photo Booth Party Props
Mustache on a stick

This Listing is for:
What you see in this Picture
We do Custom Orders Send us a email for a quote or color preference

These make for lovely Photo opportunities and Keepsakes
These props also make for great Party Favors

Material – Your items material will state clearly in the Listing Info.
Designer Card Stock – Our designer card stock is thick no flimsy items here. We double up on the Designer card stock So that they last long
Glitter Foamy – Many beautiful color to choose from, they are bendable there for last longer than traditional card stock
Traditional Cardstock We use 90 Lb. Cardstock
Stiffened Felt
Why buy from Picwrap ? Besides the great customer service, your order will ship next day via upsp were we can track all the way to your home so no missing items here. .
Measurement’s of products
All Measurement’s are in Inches and close approximations
Heart 7.5” w 6.5 h”
Ladies Hat 7.25” w x 8” h
Bowler Hat 9.5”w x 5”h
Top Hat 8.5”h x 8.5”w
Womans Hair 8” w x 11”h
Tiara 7”w x 3.5”h
Necklace 4.5”hl x 5.25” w
Mustache 5.25” w x 1.5”h
Mustache 4” w x 1.25 “h
Mustache 3.5”w x .75 “h
Large Lips 3”w x 1.5”h
Small Lips 2”w x 1”h
Beard and Mustache 4”w x 4.5”h
Enghish Mustache 5”w x 3.5”h
Bow Tie 5” w x 2.75”h
Neck Tie 7.75”h x 3.5”
Clark Kent Type Glasses 5.9”w x 1.75”h
Round Glasses 5.5 “w x 2.5”h
Pipe 4”h x 5”w

Looking for Cute Confetti for your confetti toss. convo and we will do your blend for your event.

Material Glitter Foamy Last much longer than cardstock they make beautifull Party Favors and Keepsake