6 Beautiful Candy Covered Oreo Roses-Perfect for Mother's Day/Thank You/Anniversaries/Birthdays/I Love You FREE SHIPPING

Promise Pretzels of Maine By Promise Pretzels of Maine

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Will only ship to areas where temp is over 70 if you order an ice pack. Thank you.
Looking for a beautiful, unique, and delicious gift to send for Mother's Day/Thank You Gift or for an Anniversary or Birthday?
We will handcraft 6 candy covered Oreo roses in your choice of colors pictured or a combination of other colors. We even can cover
them in milk or dark chocolate if you prefer. We will attractively package it and include a personal note if you desire. When you order
please indicate the date needed and colors you would like. If you need it shipped to a different address please let us know that
as well. If you need more or less of these let us know and we can make a custom order just for you. If you live in a clilmate
where the temperature will be over 70 degrees at time of delivery please order an ice pack as well.