Beach Decor Purple Green and White Sea Urchins - 3 Unique Creatures - photo props

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Beach Decor Purple Green and White Sea Urchins - 3 Unique Creatures - photo props

3 ~ Sea Urchin Creatures from the Sea ~ these are cleaned , and measure 1 1/2 - 1 3/4". (Any other specimens in the photos are available separately.)

You will receive similar ones to the ones in the ad photo

They have beautiful purple shades of coloring and each one is different than the other. You will receive ones very similar to the ones in the photos.

Use them in your creations! I have many more in purple, pink, white, and green - so if you need more, let me know so I can list them for you.

I care about our environment and the sustainability of the marine life. In the Philippines, local villagers collect the shells and use the meat inside to feed their families. The shell is considered a by-product and is sold once the meat is extracted. I like to support the livelihood of these villagers by buying our shells directly from them. We also buy some shells from the commercial food industry where the shell is also considered a by-product and would otherwise be wasted.

We do not import or sell endangered or protected species.

Please ck out my store to see if there is something in there for you! I am adding new items as I finish them every day :) Janet

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