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Our beautiful, custom party decorations will create a CHARMING TOUCH for your special occasion! Let us take care of all of your decor needs with the highest quality of personalized, custom decor, created with the the most careful attention to detail!

Let us add a CHARMING TOUCH to your event with our Boy's Baseball Birthday Party decorations.

This listing includes the following CUSTOM MADE items:

1. Fully Assembled Popcorn Cups -- or choose the digital file option for the 3" graphic circles and assemble yourself!

FULLY ASSEMBLED: Set of 10 Small boxes measure 2 1/2 inches x 5 1/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch deep with paintball graphic image
Want more than 10? Choose the drop down quantity for more. Each set includes 10 more boxes. i.e. Quantity 2 = 20, Quantity 3 = 30, Quantity 4 = 40, etc.

STICKERS: Purchase just the 3" stickers and assemble yourself!

DIGITAL FILE -- you'll receive a sheet with 6 labels on a sheet. Print yourself for quantity needed. Use the free shipping code: CHARMINGDIGITAL -- ONLY applicable for digital file orders!
Instructions: Please print on full sheet sticker paper and please use a 3" circle punch to cut out circles (craft punch can be found at any craft store). NOTE: NOT FORMATTED TO FIT ANY PARTICULAR LABEL TEMPLATE. A 3" circle punch is needed to cut them out.


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**This package can be customized to ANY AGE**
** Please indicate the DATE of your event and the NAME to include (if applicable) upon purchasing. **

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All decorations are custom designed and hand-made by Charming Touch Parties. Materials (such as paper, ribbon, straws, etc.) shown may vary slightly depending on availability from suppliers.