Banana Split Cupcake Decorating Kit

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Our banana split cupcake decorating kit is the perfect gift for beginners, kids, and even baking parties! This DIY cupcake kit has enough baking supplies for up to 3 dozen cupcakes and comes with BakeBright cupcake liners, a 4oz bottle of matching sprinkles, 2oz bottle of coordinating candy toppers, and a 0.5 jar of Luxe edible glitter.

Dress up those cupcakes and other desserts with this themed decoration kit, boxed and ready for gift giving.

Just add your favorite from scratch cupcake recipe or favorite box of cupcake mix and container of premade icing to complete the experience.

36 BakeBright Cupcake Liners
4oz Sprinkle Mix
2oz Candy Toppers
0.5oz Edible Glitter