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Portland, Oregon, United States

About Potter+Butler

Hello! We are Potter + Butler. We are makers of handmade goods for merry celebrations. From custom cake toppers and cupcake adornments to place cards and garlands, our goods each contribute, with handmade simplicity, to the beauty and spirit of authentically merry celebrations.

The name, Potter and Butler, is a tribute to our great-grandmothers, Etta Potter and Mirium Butler, who were independent, strong, free-thinking, artsy, talented, bird-lovin’, caring about the greater good, resourceful, and stylish (in their own right ) ladies – who could make anything, and more often than not, did make everything – by hand.

Potter and Butler is a little bit of us. It’s a little bit of them. It’s a little bit of now. And a little bit of then. It is our intention for the raw delight of handmade goodness, that was so alive and well in the lives of Ms. Potter and Ms.Bulter, to be part of the lives of others- and all the merry celebrations that adorn those lives.