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Poppies Cake Pops

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Westerville, OH, United States

About Poppies Cake Pops

Poppies cake pops are delectable, rich mini cakes that are enrobed in delicious Chocoley chocolate and served on a lollipop stick. They make unique party favors & gifts, or a delightful way to satisfy your dessert craving - and at under 200 calories each, our cake pops are a fulfilling treat that both your sweet tooth and your waistline can love!

Why choose Poppies? Each cake pop is made with care and is guaranteed to look and taste amazing. We take pride in creating stunning pops and have been told many times that they are "little works of art" and "too beautiful to eat!" But they ARE made to devour, and delectable ingredients like Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, real fruits, and a luxury chocolate shell make each bite heavenly. In choosing Poppies to create your cake pops, you'll always be sure to receive gorgeous and tasty treats!