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Walker, Louisiana, United States

About PinkyandBlueBoy

I have 2 business names - they tend to blend together most of the time!! is still a work in progress, but I use this name to sell on other websites like Etsy and ioffer. I also own which is my website that currently works and is growing every day.
I live to throw a Party!!! I love to host events at my home. I can easily obsess over party details for hours and hours. I always try to get started planning months in advance!!! I started a Party business - figured why not help others share in my talent, and fill my time with a job I would love!!! I TRY to always stay positive and look at the bright side, and of course throwing parties helps do that! There's just something so joyous about gathering with family and friends! This is definitely more about enjoying what I do and the customers I can build a relationship with vs making money. I can personalize and customize my products to match almost every theme imaginable!!
main objective: to be someone's inspiration - in life, with a party idea, etc. !!