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Plainfield, United States

About Peony & Blush Designs

Rewinding back to when I was about seven years old...
At the time, we lived in a small townhouse in the city of Hanover Park, IL. I was a determined little girl who always found ways to make some extra cash just so I can have enough money to buy another Lisa Frank set that I so badly needed in my life.

Whether it was hosting my own garage sale in our backyard or going door-to-door selling a drawing of really the only thing I knew how to draw at the time, a rose. I vividly remember thinking to myself just before knocking on those doors, how could anyone buy this? But my overly optimistic self knew it could be done. I couldn’t believe how many friendly neighbors bought my not so impressive $5 drawing.

Two decades later, married and with two beautiful children, little me did not change so much. I am still the overly optimistic girl who has ventured into many laughable business ideas, that only my supportive husband would know about. Until finally one stuck and will be a keeper for many years to come, Peony & Blush Designs.

A passion for designing and creating, a passion I really did not know I had until my first-born daughter came into my life; she is my greatest inspiration. I will always aim to create designs that I could see myself purchasing for my own children. That is how I know I am giving my very best to you!