Oodles and Doodles (OandD)

Oodles and Doodles (OandD)

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Chicago, United States

About Oodles and Doodles (OandD)

My story starts a few years ago before my first son turned one. In eager anticipation to celebrate his special birthday, I searched and searched for that perfectly designed party, but couldn't find anything that was right. After all, first birthdays are a big deal! Shouldn't they be perfect? So... I decided to take matters into my own hands and got to work designing my own fabulous first birthday party for him.

I had so much fun that I started creating all sorts of whimsical designs (with lots of polka dots. I love polka dots). And shortly after... Oodles and Doodles (OandD) was born!

It's been years now of designing all kinds of printable paper goods for all types of occasions. I feel so blessed to be lucky enough to play a part in so many first (and second, and third) birthdays all over the world.