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Maria Valentina Eventos Infantis

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São Paulo, SP, Brazil

About Maria Valentina Eventos Infantis

Two great friends who made ​​the biggest dream of their lives: Being mothers. The Thais Motta beautiful Maria Eduarda 3 years and Camila Estevam Princess Valentina 1 year.

And that's how it all began ...

The talent of merrymakers surfaced in discovery of pregnancy, ideas and more ideas for the baby shower, then bash maternity and soon began preparations for birthdays ... the 1st, 2nd e3º Duda were proof that the Thais had a gift magic to create and organize great parties, Camila had already sure he really wanted when he began to plan the 1st year of Valentina.

Always praised for tasteful requested by friends and family to give a "helping hand" with their parties, then decided to join this gift and with it came the MARIA VALENTINA ADVISORY AND CHILDREN'S EVENTS.

We know well that gives positive result, we began to dream about the baby shower, maternity, the christening, birthdays ... but this dream can become a nightmare when planning is not done properly and when not followed everything closely.

Look for different things and competent professionals (and that fit in our budget) is no easy task, besides demanding a time that we moms usually do not have.

To our proposal is to create and develop unique and customized products with taste and refinement to your parties and children's events. Moms, grandmas, aunties, godmothers, only have the job of telling us what they like and what they expect, the rest is on us.

Every detail is richly designed and developed by us, all done with great care, as if they really were made ​​for our daughters: Theme Party, Visual Identity, different invitations, Space for the event, Decoration, Recreation, Photography, Food and Drink , Favors, and whatever your imagination send ... plus the option to have advice on.

Whether your party is more simple and intimate or if she is super elaborate, our goal is to offer convenience and practicality life as mummy race. We want to transform your dream into reality and we're here for everything to be perfect and memorable, we want your party to be unique and exclusive.