Kids Fantasy Gala, Inc.

Kids Fantasy Gala, Inc.

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Chicago, IL , United States

About Kids Fantasy Gala, Inc.

Our Mission is to make every child's birthday party a fantasy gala of magical and memorable experiences. A lot of children don't get the opportunity to visit amusement parks where they can meet their favorite princesses and characters because it can be very expensive and time consuming, but it is a dream that every child has. Our company allows children to experience something similar to it which is also much more affordable and time saving. We offer low prices compared to other companies while still providing the best services. We are also a small company which is very beneficial because we can focus on each and every client to meet their specific needs for the finest experience.

Our vision is to give back to the world and make a difference in children's life by volunteering and donating. We volunteer in many different locations throughout Chicago and bring smiles to children.