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Southampton, United States

About i Crown You

It started with a thought...

Hi! I'm Kate, owner of Sweet Monica Celebrations, LLC. and I Crown You is my Etsy shop filled with fun, handmade play accessories that you won't find mass produced on a shelf.

It's simple really ... I love to create fun party and play accessories that are unique in design and are crafted with professional quality.

I am a Mother of three boys so when it comes to wanting a play accessory to withstand hours of fun ... I get it! But finding charming, unique pieces with quality handmade workmanship wasn't something I came by often so I set out to design my own.

My boys are grown now so gone are the days of cowboy costumes and carved wooden swords. I now spend my time designing and hand crafting fun animal masks and charming birthday crowns for those who want something out of the ordinary.

I am proud to say that a few of my pieces have been used in advertisements and this encourages me to create more, however, the most encouragement comes from the wonderful feedback that I get from my customers. These comments let me know that I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do ... create fun, high quality play accessories that will withstand hours of fun.