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Broken Arrow, OK, United States

About GreatStitch

What are the good things you remember about childhood? For most people birthdays are some of their most memorable moments. Making birthdays special is what we do around here. I started sewing for my dolls on a treddle sewing machine when I was 11 years old. I sewed for my own toddlers in the late 80's and early 90's. Over the years I have done everything from wedding gowns to leather horse show shirts. I found the most fun people to sew for are kids. Their eyes light up and they smile from ear to ear! One little boy's mother told me he went running through the house yelling, "My choo-choo train, my choo-choo train" when he recieved his shirt. To me there is nothing more gratifying than making a child happy! After my daughter struggled with and beat cancer 5 years ago, birthdays seem a little more important. It became clear to me that while I wait on grandkids of my own, I can invest in other kids and help their families make lasting memories. So far I have been privileged to be part of more than five thousand birthdays and it just keeps getting better!