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Florbella Party Couture

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Whittier, CA, United States

About Florbella Party Couture

Florbella is an innovative party favor couture & design studio located in Southern California. We are dedicated to the modern customer who will not settle for generic and mass produced designs that have flooded so many industries. We are dedicated to you, the bride, the quincñeanera and the mother to be who knows that all things beautiful are in details. It is because of this commitment that we offer consultations to every one of our clients who have registered with us.

From the initial design consultation, through to production and delivery, we will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is attended to. We are passionate about creating beautiful party favors, centerpieces, invitations and accessories to beautify your experience and that of your esteemed guests. The quality of the designs created by Florbella is unparalleled. With our designers’ commitment to beauty, we guarantee that smallest details of your design will be exquisitely finished by hand.

Let us help interpret your ideas and make a memorable first impression to your guests. By starting with an invitation, you set the tone for your special event and you will create a sense of anticipation for your one-of-a-kind. All of your designs will and should be a treasured keepsake for your guests. All at Florbella would love to be part of your event and be assured to expect from us a commitment to service, detail and beauty!