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About Fairytale Pond

Fairytale Pond specialises in creating quirky digital and physical invitations. The shop began through the process of planning our wedding. We found it difficult to find an invitation that reflected our interests, so we decided to put our skills to use to create our own. This was a process that we enjoyed and wanted to offer to other people.

As we are building our stock, we try to put our interests and styles into every piece that we create. Everything in our designs are created by Simon - no other images are used. We have a real interest in Disney, however we found that most of the invitations used copyrighted material. We wanted to create unique, personal designs that were customisable by the customer.

Our interests range from woodland creatures to Star Wars, as well as watching too much Netflix and videoing our cats. Natalie would describe her role within the shop as a researcher/Twitter-Facebook spammer/critique-er. Simon would say that his role is to create whatever Natalie asks. It seems to work!

Basically, we offer custom redesigns, both digitally and physically. If you have a design you would like to see created, do not hesitate to message us.