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KC, Missouri, United States

About Events You Can Print

I specialize in alternative families, but I can do just about anything. Same sex couples, single parents, IVF babies, adoption, and straight couples as well! If you have a family and you need an announcement to tell the world about it, you have come to the right shop! Print your customized invitations, thank-you cards, announcements and more from the comfort of your home

All designs can be customized to your unique situation. If the listing is for 2 moms and you are a single mom, let me know! If the listing is for a man and a woman and you are two dads, let me know! I will be more than happy to change the design to fit your family dynamic for no extra fee (it's just changing words!)

If the designs currently offered are not QUITE what you are looking for? I am open to custom orders! Message me for details on how to collaborate with me and get just want you envisioned!