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Los Angeles, United States

About Entertaining with Emily

Hey guys! I'm Emily, and parties are my passion. As in, my party pants are like permanently on here, people! I'm always looking for a reason to gather a group of friends and family members for a birthday/dinner/weird internet holiday (side note: January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day - who's in?)

After a few years throwing my parties, I noticed something. Not only did I love doing it, but I was actually pretty darn good at doing it! At the urging of countless friends and family members, specifically my husband who was all "Um, when are you going to turn this expensive hobby of yours into a business, honey?", Entertaining with Emily was born.

So, who am I? I'm a wife, mom of three little munchkins for whom I love throwing parties. I've got a design background in interior architecture, from which I pull my love of symmetry, clean lines, and balance into everything I create. I never met a can of spray paint I didn't like, as I have an inherent need to alter everything...just a little bit.

I've also recently started selling a ton of my party printables from some of the webs most pinned parties in my Etsy shop, so hop on over if you're looking for help with an awesome party!