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Boca Raton , United States

About Creative Pinpoint

I joined the Etsy community when I became a proud auntie. I was designing memorable pieces displaying their milestones that showed their monthly achievements, their birthday invitations, party tags, thank you cards, etc. Shortly after, I found others were seeking my same vision - which is 'Celebrate Life!.' It has been 2 years since my very first sale. Since then I have celebrated over 200 occasions, with 200 families who let me use my talent to make their day just a little more magical.

In addition to my party life at night, I am a business woman by day. I have my MFA in Graphic Design and work in the corporate world. I create brands, identities, print collateral, web designs, and so much more.

If you are a business big or small or looking to make your party a little more magical, look no further. Thanks for stopping by and message me with any questions!