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Lafayette, LA, United States

About Confetti Momma

Hey, party-planning people! Here’s a bit about me, the Confetti Momma, and how my handmade shop started as a small one person operation and turned into a bustling and thriving, 25-team member company.

I’m Courtney, mother of three rambunctious and lovable little girls. I have a ridiculously sweet and loving husband who supports all of my genius (and not-so-genius) paper-crafting endeavors.

Before I started Confetti Momma, I was running a jewelry design business for over 6 years and loved it, but I was ready for a change—ready to make products that would celebrate life while also bringing family and friends closer together. After throwing a few baby showers and birthday parties for family members, I realized that I had a true knack for designing party decorations, and it was something that I really loved to do.
Pinterest really began to take off around the time I got the idea to make party décor. There was no easy and affordable way to throw a full-on Pinterest-worthy party—not until the Confetti Momma shop was born! I wanted to work with paper, something I always loved.

After doing a bit of research and keyword analyses of simple phrases I thought consumers might be searching for, I chose to center my business around confetti because I felt there was a lack of unique, sophisticated products out there. I also wanted to provide something available to the everyday person juggling kids, a job, and all of life’s unexpected events; someone who doesn’t have time to cut out confetti pieces for hours! And then I figured—why not make other amazing products to match? I started with one random product here and there, and then began to expand each theme after listening to customers’ requests.

Just 6 months into the venture my husband quit his full-time job to join me and support my dream of this handmade party décor store. Within a few years our business has grown exponentially, and we’ve recently moved operations into a 5000-square-foot suite with more space to create than we could have ever imagined! It all began on Etsy with a few items for sale in January of 2014. Today, in addition to our own website, our products can be found on Amazon,, and—of course—Etsy.

All of this success would not be possible without the amazingly talented and incredible team of handmade artisans (we call Party Décor Specialists) who love to assist in decorating for our customers' special events. We strive to always provide timely and professional service to each and every person, taking all of their ideas and giving them life. When each employee was hired, they were chosen for their good character and work ethic. They ensure that each product is made accurately and packaged with care.
Because of their hard work, we have incredible turn-around times and guarantee the highest quality handmade décor around.... all so we can save time for each of our customers! The simple and elegant designs of our products means we can craft them quickly, as well as give each party a sophisticated vibe with little work for the person doing the party setup. Genius! You're welcome!

Having this business has been such a blessing for my family. I can work while watching my babies grow. And nothing can replace the look on my daughters’ faces every time I hand them a new crown to try on. It’s a party in my office every day of the week.